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Pastors are Not Interchangeable Parts

The Last Counter-Reformation Pope

‘Pacem in Terris’ at 50

The Last Laugh of Alfredo Ottaviani

U.S. Catholics: Overly Assimilated?

Tribulation Compounded by Blasphemy

Scrap Gehry’s Eisenhower Memorial Design

Embracing Our Roles

Remembering Max Kampelman

Evangelical Catholicism: Deep Reform in the 21st Century

The Bishop of Rome as Christian Radical

“42” and Us

A Reformed (and Re-Formed) College of Cardinals

Impoverished Spirits

Iraq: Then & Now

The Sixties, Again and Again

A Campaign of Narratives

Truths Still Held?

All War, All the Time

Reality and Public Policy

Cleaning Up the Engine Room

The Humble Pope

The King Is Sleeping

Evangelical Catholicism

Meeting Pope Francis

Life With Pope Francis

George Weigel on the Church in Latin America

Get Ready for Catholicism 2.0

The First American Pope

The Dynamics of Conclave 2013

The Unique Conclave Microculture

What to Look for in a New Pope

Team America Shut Down

Sede Vacante

The Evangelical Reform of the Church

WFB Today

Holy Roman Reforming: Getting Down to the Business of the Future

The Dynamic Continuity of Benedict XVI and John Paul II

The Legacy of Benedict XVI

Catholics Need a Pope for the 'New Evangelization'

Pope Benedict Was a Powerful Voice for Moral Political Leadership

The Rise of Evangelical Catholicism

Evangelical Catholics on Offense

Setting the World Ablaze

The Marraige Debate III: The Nature of Things

The Madness of Dick Durbin

Pro-Life Rising, Forty Years after Roe v. Wade

Remembering Earl Weaver, and Thinking of Homer

The Marraige Debate II: What States Really Can't Do

The Marriage Debate I: Confusions about "Equality" and "Discrimination"

Dear Notre Dame

Notre Dame Punts

A Benedict XVI Epiphany

A Pope Benedict XVI Christmas

A Pastoral Opportunity Lost?

Christmas: Cure for Cynicism and Irony

The Tiffany Legacy

The Church and the Mandate

Books for Christmas

Interview with George Weigel

Good Catholic, Good American

Sacred Language for Sacred Acts

Two Hundred Years Behind What?

The Crisis of a Second Obama Administration

Sifting Through the Wreckage

Constantine and Campaign 2012

Catholic Reflections on the Endgame of 2012

Campaign 2012: What Kind of Country Do You Want?

Campaign 2012: Economy and Empowerment

A Game Changer for the Abortion Debate

Vatican II’s Golden Anniversary

Vatican II, 50 Years Later

Campaign 2012: America and the World

Campaign 2012: The Future of Marriage

Catholics and Campaign 2012

Campaign 2012: Religious Freedom vs. Aggressive Secularism

The Future of the Pro-Life Cause

Campaign 2012: Burke vs. Hobbes?

Another Coalition for Religious Freedom?

The Church and the Unions

Five Great Motets

The Reasons for "Partisanship"

Can Organ-Harvesters Be Number One?

The Mandate Kicks In

The Church and the End of the Welfare State

The Polish View of the 2012 Campaign

The War on (Little) Women and Other Insanities

Catholics and Modernity

Meditations at the All Star Break

FORTNIGHT FOR FREEDOM — Religious Liberty and Its Contemporary Enemies

Beyond the Fortnight for Freedom

The Roberts Opinion

FORTNIGHT FOR FREEDOM — Social Justice Priorities: Life and Religious Liberty

The Vatican Secret Archives Unveiled

FORTNIGHT FOR FREEDOM — U.S. Catholics and Religious Liberty: The Origins

The Handwriting on the Wall

Light From the South

Don't Know Much About Theology…

The Sisters: Two Views

Charles W. Colson, R.I.P.

Critter Prayers and Transhumanism

Catholic "Americanism"

The Mandate War

Defending Religious Freedom in Full: A Generation's Challenge

Biblical Illiteracy and Bible Babel

Pugin at 200

Rose DeLauro, CNS, and the Disoriented Catholic Left

Ryan vs. Georgetown

Charles Colson's Life and Legacy

The Vatican and the Sisters

Philip II, China, and the Great Catholic What-If

Framing the Religious-Liberty Issue

Jimmy Carter, Biblical Scholar and Theologian

Easter Changes Everything

Benedict XVI in Cuba

Cardinal Dolan and the New Evangelization

Religious freedom: It’s not just Pakistan and China

After 'United for Religious Freedom'

No Compromise

Religious Freedom IS Social Justice

God Save the Queen

Obama's Contraception Spin Machine

The Battle Continues, Beyond Rush

The Catholic Diaspora and the Tragedy of Liberal Catholicism

What Would Father Richard Say?

HHS and Soft Totalitarianism

The Catholic Betrayal of Religious Freedom

Divide and Conquer?

Catholic Bishops: Don't Revise, Rescind

The Libertine Police State

Vatican III? Where?

Seekers or Finders?

Child Sacrifice in 21st Century America

Václav Havel and Us

Converts and the Symphony of Truth

Gehry's Ghastly Eisenhower Memorial

Breaking Bad Liturgical Habits II

The Weakness of Tyranny

Christmas, the Infinite, and the Finite

Time Out with Professor George Weigel

Confronting Truth

The Cardinal Down Under

Coercing Consciences

Books for Christmas

Catholics and Freedom

Downsizing-to-grow in Ireland

Remembering Bill Doherty

Must the Roman Curia be Italian?

Breaking Bad Liturgical Habits

The Emerging Crisis in Ukraine

Desperate Churchmice

The Pope, Chaplain to OWS? Rubbish

The Ecumenical Future

The Lay Reform of Church and World

9/11, Benedict XVI, and Regensburg

Tim Tebow and Christophobia

Father Barron’s “Catholicism”

Russian Orthodoxy and Lenin’s Tomb

Pope Benedict Speaks Truth to Power

The Gentlemanly Art of the Insult

In Praise of Peter Berger

Among the “Progressed”

Martyrdom in Pakistan

Benedict XVI on Europe's Future

The First—and Last—"European"?

Why Hasn’t Francis Ford Been Beatified?

Erin Go Bonkers

Michael Novak, Founding Father

China-Watching in the Vatican

Rise of the Evangelical Catholic Bishops

Moral Revolutions in America

Benedict XVI and the Future of the West

Miracles in Soho

No Homophobia

Joseph Ratzinger's Diamond Jubilee

'Gay Marriage,' Libertarians, and Civil Rights

The Enduring Importance of Centesimus Annus

Roger Maris and the Summer of 1961

Maureen Dowd's Catholic Problem

A Forty-Something Cardinal?

More Cracks in the Golden Dome

NBA Fan Bases, Skill Sets, and Bodies of Work

Reactionary Liberalism and Catholic Social Doctrine

An Open Letter to My Friends in Poland

The Death of Osama bin Laden

The End of the Bernardin Era

Priests, Abuse, and the Meltdown of a Culture

Aquinas and Horses

Catholic Social Thought and the 2012 Election

Remembering Pope John Paul II

The Beatification of John Paul II

"Radical Disciple"

Companions on the Road to Easter

A John Paul II Beatification Catechism

Christians in the Middle East

George Weigel on the First Six Years of Pope Benedict XVI

Spanish Showdown

Reforming Caritas International

The Church and the Unions

How Democrats View the World

Cardinal Baum: A New Record-Holder

Italy at 150

Rome and Moscow

The Chutzpa of the German Theologians

Clarifying "Double Effect"

Christian Number-Crunching

Sargent Shriver and His Times

Aggie Catholic Renaissance

A Life of Miracles

Egypt's Coptic Christians Deserve a Word from President Obama

The Chattering Classes Are Us

The Reagan Centenary

George Weigel and John Allen at the November 2010 Faith Angle Forum

Reaffirming Catholic Identity

New Year's and the Lord of History

No More Appeasement of Radical Islam

Countercultural Time

Deflating the NYT Condom Scoop

Lessons From the Post-Vietnam Military

A Tale of Two Europes

Thoughts at the Alamo

Pat Moynihan: The Great Catholic "What if…?"

Papal Humor

Bob Woodward, the President, and Just War

Newman's Faith

Richard Dawkins & Co. = Paisley 2.0?

The Pius Wars, Continued

Inside the Pages

A Pope's Legacy

Questions for Candidates in a Crucial Election

A Promise To Pope John Paul II

The End and the Beginning

The Solidarity Difference

When Compromise Trumps Apostolic Tradition

Britain Can Benefit from Benedict

In Defense of Israel's Legitimacy

What Gettysburg Means

In Praise of Father Schall

Getting Beyond Bainton

Surrounded by Martyrs

Papal Kudos for the Fourth Estate?

World Cup Blues

Catholic revival in Europe?

Deep Catholicism

Courage in Quebec

Operation Let the Fire Fall

Vatican Time Warp

Trouble For the Church, and Democracy, In Ukraine

An Immigration Debate Primer

Troubles in Ukraine

Storm Clouds in Ukraine

When the Mask of Tolerance Slips

Defending Religious Freedom in Full

The Cardinal Among the Latter-Day Saints

What JFK Wrought at Houston

Next Acts in the Legionary Drama

Money, Scandal, and Rome

The Limits of the Papacy

An Open Letter to Hans Küng

Scandal-Time, Once More

Another Long Lent

George Weigel discusses the Catholic Church's response to sexual abuse

Almsgiving – All $300 Billion of It

What Went Wrong

Church Gets an Unfair Rap

A Legal Travesty in Poland

Scoundrel Time(s)

Spreading the Big Lie

Advice for Europe – And For Us

The End of Euphemism

Ted Sorensen, Invincibly Ignorant or Just a Jackass?

The Relentless Grittiness of Lent

Ralph McInerny and the Tragedy of Notre Dame

The Vatican and the Russians

Robert Charles Susil, 1974-2010

Whining Russians

The Erosion of Religious Freedom

The Lessons of Jean-Marie Lustiger

Rediscovering the Sounds of Silence

Papal Environmentalism: Pro-Life and Pro-Marriage

Lord, Please Don’t Hear This Prayer – Yet Again

Epiphany, History, and Us

America’s Roman college at 150

GREAT PLACES: The Shrine at Fifty

The Bethlehem Difference

The Many Moral Questions in Health Care Reform

Books for Christmas

The Just-War Tradition

Willful Blindness and the Ft. Hood Massacre

Natural law = Bigotry? Please.

The Vatican and the Lefebvrists: Not a Negotiation

George and Betsy, Sixty Years Later

Forgetting the Fall

Nancy Pelosi and the Claims of Conscience

Saint Jeanne Jugan

Norwegian Sanctimony, Global Folly

Another Black Legend, Down the Chute

Irving Kristol, Catholic Social Ethicist?

Some Cold War Truths

Job Revisited: Notes of an Orioles Fan

The Death of Edward Kennedy and the End of an Era

Faith and Reason, Irrationality and Terror



Flannery O’Connor’s Wingless Chickens

In Memory of Ernest W. Lefever

Benedict XVI and the Truth About Charity

Leszek Kolakowski, 1927–2009

Charity in Truth

The President and the Pope

"Caritas in Veritate" in Gold and Red

Parsing the Vatican Newspaper

Obama and the "Real" Catholics

Un-Obama Commencement Address

Parsing the Pontiff

Freed to Be Images of God

Sisters on a Different Mountaintop

A Calumny against the Cardinal

The Pope Versus the Vatican

The University's Egregious Error

Food, Sex and Us

Catholics as They Were

The N.Y. Times Flunks Ecclesiology 101

Pope Benedict Explains — and Challenges

The Mighty, Fallen

Reconciliation, Forgiveness, Hope — and Lent

The Sebelius Challenge

The Differences Richard Neuhaus Made

Were They at the Same Meeting?

"Afflicted" with fertility?

Saving What Can Be Saved

Remembering Avery Dulles, SJ

The Word and the Church

Rome’s Reconciliation

Richard John Neuhaus

The Realism of the Incarnation, and Our Present Circumstances

A True Pastor

Richard John Neuhaus, 1936–2009

Riding the "Solidarity Express"

Defending Human Dignity

The Very Model Of Lucidity

Giving Thanks for America

The Great Places

Adult Interreligious Dialogue

The Two Americas

Flawed Thinking

Great Society Redux?

Pro-Life Catholics For Obama

'Sectarian' issues? Not quite.

Dangling Conversations

CAMPAIGN 2008: The Life Issues

A Blessing to One Another

How "alt." Lost the Kingdom — and Why It Matters

CAMPAIGN 2008: Would President Obama Be Good For Black America?

CAMPAIGN 2008: Jaw, Jaw, War, War

The Democrats and the Abortion Wars

Serious Catholicism For a Serious Election

Humanae Vitae At Forty

And the Summer Reading List Is…

Converting England — and Us

Against the Grain

On the Death, and Aging, of Princes

The Hate Disease

Weigel on the 2008 Election

An Anthem Switch?

The Presumptions of a Pastoral Letter

Remembering the Greatest

Latin Days Are Here Again?

The Nobility of Cardinal Dulles

The Pope and the Universities

A Papal Follow-Up

Light From the East

The End of the Caricature

George Weigel on the Papal Visit to the United States

Benedict XVI and the Catholic Church in America

George Weigel and the Pope

Adding Spice to the American Mix

A Pope of Historic Vision

Remembering Bill Buckley

How Benedict XVI Will Make History

The McBrien Prize

Easter vs. Irony

The Ignatian Possibility Today

Sandboxes and Seminar Rooms

Liebe Europäer

Lourdes and the Modern World

Archbishop Marini on the Liturgy Wars

One Party Can't Defeat Jihadism

Health-Care Consensus?

Theological Roots of Islamic Terrorism

Rewriting History by Law is Stalinist

Cardinal Kasper on the State of Ecumenism

The God With an Infant's Face

Church and State

Blessed Franz, At Last

The Church in Spain

Reading Regensburg Right

Civility, Charity and Truth-Telling

Don't Play Down Differences in Name of Religious Unity

Faith, Reason, and the War Against Jihadism

China's One-Child Self-Destruction

George Weigel Named Distinguished Senior Fellow

Revisiting the Modernist Wars

Spanish University Gives Honorary Doctorate to George Weigel

Camelot Revisited

Poland after John Paul II

The Holy See and the U.N.

Please Pass the Ontology

Religion in Public Life

Democracy Without God

On the Tenth Anniversary of a Breakdown

The Ripken Ethic

A Pontifical Conciliar Embarrassment

Chairman Gioia Makes NEA Work

Lord, Please Don't Hear this Prayer: A Reprise

Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger (1926–2007)

California Dreamin', Missin' the Real Deal

Martyrdom and the Christian Future in Iraq

The Coming Crisis in Episcopal Demographics

Two Anniversaries of Consequence

Christ First, Last and Always

Land O'Lakes and the CUA Wars, 40 Years Later

Clinical Notes

Catholic Challenges in Latin America

A Lifetime of Learning

Jesus Christ is the Revolution

The New Yorker Spins the Pope

On Pope Benedict XVI

Papa Ratzinger at 80

Mount Athos Objects to Ecumenical Openness

Pope Benedict XVI: The Master-Teacher

To the Rescue, Again

Lent and the Modern Martyrs

Presidential Spring Training

The End of the Anglican Communion

Nancy and Me

Turning Toward Christ, Together

Polish Catholicism's Opportunity

The Archbishop and the Secret Police

Worth Saving

Books for Christmas

Attempt to Introduce "the God With a Human Face"

Religious Freedom: The Challenge to Islam

A Roman Press Conference

The Great Places

From Centesimus Annus to Deus Caritas Est

Baghdad 2006 = Tet 1968?

Wojtyla's Walk Among the Philosophers

On Christianity and the Crisis of Cultures

From Rottweiler to Dunce?

The Baltimore Basilica

Europe and America: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Hyde and Scalia, Catholics with Consequences

Where Religious Freedom Rings

Restoring the Light of Religious Freedom

An Electoral Battle of the Booklets?

An Interreligious Dialogue, Continued

Europe's Religious Future?

John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Islam

Less Than Meets the Eye: Harvard's Core Reform

Mr. Annan's Confession

On the Thirty-Fifth Anniversary of Thomas Aquinas College

The Silly Season

Scotland the Brave…and Pagan?

Egg Tax

The Pope and Islam

The Pope Was Right

Religion and Dialogue

Great Places — Chicago's Catholic Architecture

No Tears for Fidel, Please

A Shining Symbol of Religious Freedom

Tales From the Vienna Woods

Afraid of Change? More Myths of 1968

Meeting Pope Benedict XVI

A Golden Dome Opportunity Missed

Remarks by George Weigel

George Weigel Receives Poland's Highest Honor

Remembering John Paul the Great

Catholic Democrats and Abortion: Same Old Same Old

Introduction to Paul Horgan's Things As They Are

Introduction to Evelyn Waugh's Helena

Menino's Catholic Fallacies

The Death of a Priest

A Pope of Quiet Surprises

Europe, America, and Politics Without God

God's Choice

Making 'Catholic' Make Sense

Catholic Giving

George Weigel Discusses Europe and Religion on CNN

George Weigel on BBC World Update

The Spiritual Malaise That Haunts Europe

Perspective: The Real Benedict

Light in a New Dark Age

John Paul II's Saints – and Us

The Pope in Private

The Heroic Papacy

Mourning and Remembrance

Driving force for all to live without fear

The Next Pope–and Why He Matters to All of Us

A Disciple Defined by His Faith

HarperCollins to Publish New Book by Leading Papal Authority George Weigel

Pope John Paul II: An Appreciation

Is Europe Dying?

"Christophobia" Afflicts Europe

Weigel on ABC News's "This Week"

What the Pope Is Teaching Us Now

The Body Politic and the Body of Christ

Telling the World Its True Story

George Weigel on Just War Theory

The Free and Virtuous Society

No Ordinary People

Divine Sovereignty

Letters to a Young Catholic

Two Ideas of Freedom

And the Wall Came Tumbling Down

Witness to Hope

To those about to be ordained (Part 2)

To those about to be ordained (Part 1)

Meditation on Opening Day

Soul of the World

The Rhythm to the American Foreign-policy Debate

Re-Viewing Vatican II

The Final Revolution

Catholicism and the Renewal of American Democracy

Oscar Arias at the Nobel Awards Ceremony