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Yes, Premiums Will Go Up

The Nation’s Budget Challenges Haven’t Changed

How Obama Killed the Grand Bargain

Obamacare and the New Medicare Trustees’ Report

It’s Not ‘Universal Coverage’

Winning the Obamacare Fight

Cost Estimates for a PPACA Replacement Plan

The Role of Medicare Fee-for-Service in Inefficient Health Care Delivery

Medicaid Overhaul Must Focus on Long-Term Care

It’s Time to Delay Obamacare

A Budget to Reject

The President’s Budget Is No Move Toward the Center

Federal Grant Funding is Key to Medicaid Reform in Texas

More on Medicaid Reform in Texas

End Medicaid’s Crony Federalism

Recasting Conservative Economics

Saving Seniors and Our Most Vulnerable Citizens from an Entitlement Crisis

To Save Medicare, Change the Model

Obama’s Sequester Scare Tactics

The Top Ten Health-Care Bills for 2013

Another Non-Accommodation

Delay, Repeal, Replace

The Urgent Need for Genuine Health and Entitlement Reform

The Budget Battles Ahead

Assuring a Future for Long-Term Care Services and Supports in Texas

Constructing an Alternative to Obamacare: Key Details for a Practical Replacement Program

Medicare Reform After the Election

Raising Medicare Eligibility a First Step Towards Deficit Reduction

How to Approach the ‘Fiscal Cliff’

The Risks of the Fiscal Cliff Are Uncertain But Real

Why ObamaCare Is Still No Sure Thing

Health Policy After the Election

The Turnaround Washington Needs

ObamaCare’s Heavy Toll on Middle Class Americans

Kaiser's Faux 'Study' of Premium Support

Debating Pre-Existing Conditions

A Fantasy-Based Case for Obamacare

The Candidates' Positions on Medicare Advantage

The Status of the Medicare Advantage Program

Curing the Pre-Existing Conditions of ObamaCare

The Medicare Distortions

Ryan and His Panicky Critics

More Mediscare

President Obama's $700 Billion Medicare Problem

Obamacare Remains a Budgetary and Policy Disaster

Health Care Costs and ObamaCare

The Mandate After the Court

All the President's Mandate Positions

Obamacare's Failings Go Well Beyond the Individual Mandate and Medicaid

RomneyCare Is the Right Vision

Supreme Suspense

It's Obama's Economy

The Democrats' Budget Blame Game

Catholic Social Teaching and the Ryan Budget

Obamacare Hurts Seniors

The 2009-2010 Slowdown in Health Spending

Exposing the Medicare Double Count

The Medicare Trustees' Report and the $8.1 Trillion Double Count

The President’s Incoherent Economic ‘Philosophy’

CBO Confirms It: ObamaCare Creates an Unstable Disequilibrium in Insurance Subsidies

Assessing Obama's Assault on Religious Liberty

How to Replace Obamacare

Unsubstantiated Budget Attacks, the Sequel

GOP Budget Will Tackle Economic Challenges

A Federal-State Framework for Market-Based Reform

The Latest Mandate Announcement: 'We Need a Process to Get Past November!'

Putting Health Care Spending on a Sustainable Path

The Top Five Flawed Arguments Against Premium Support

The President's Plan: Higher Taxes, Deep Defense Cuts, and the Entitlement Status Quo

A Clash of Conscience

Populist Rhetoric Does Not a Plan Make

Obama's Final SOTU?

Inside the Obamacare Spin Zone

The Medicare Debate

Budgetary Savings from Delaying the PPACA

The Case for Reforming Medicare with Premium Support

Super Committee Post-Mortem

Supercommittee, Super Confusion

Delay Health Law's Implementation

For the Super Committee, Failure Might Be the Best Option

CLASS Dismissed

World CLASS Contortions

The Reconciliation Option

Obama’s Bad Budget Moves

The President’s Latest Health Care Proposals Don’t Constitute Entitlement Reform

Don't Forget Obamacare

The Case for Competition in Medicare

Congress Should Not Undermine What Works in the Medicare Drug Benefit

A System in Need of an Update

The Trouble with the Super Committee

Freeze, Investigate, Then Replace Obamacare

The Downgrade: A Rebuke Obama Richly Deserved

Pass the Deal — But Start Preparing Now for the Next Round

Unhealthy Debt

A Defense of Speaker Boehner

Getting to 'Yes'

The Gang of Six Disaster: The Worst Plan So Far

House of Representatives Testimony on the "Medicare Trigger"

Budget Danger Ahead

Klein's F on Part D

On Political Expediency and Health Care Reform

The Demographics of Social Security

The $6,400 Question

The Hypocritical And Reckless Attacks On The Ryan Medicare Plan

Paul Ryan's Medicare Fix

Obamacare's Cruel and Inhumane Inflation-Indexed Vouchers

Give the Beneficiary Control

What Real Leadership Looks Like

The President's Health Care Predicament

The Central Front

Repeal Is Perfect Present For ObamaCare Birthday

Wrong, Baby, Wrong

Why Obamacare Is Wrong for America

Fulfilling the Mission of Health and Retirement Security

Medicare Recipients Will Suffer Under Health-Care Law

Long-Term Budgeting, Obama-Style

Obamacare and the CLASS Fraud

Obama’s Plainly Unserious Budget

An Irresponsible Roll Of The Dice

Obama, Ryan, and Medicare Costs

Obamacare and the Budget: Playing Games with Numbers

Obamacare and Medicare Advantage Cuts: Undermining Seniors' Coverage Options

The Darkening Skies over Obamacare

The Fiscal Consequences of the New Health Care Law

Budget War

Health Care Repeal Won't Add to the Deficit

A New 'Definition' For Health Care Reform

How to Fix Medicare: A New Vision for a Better Program

Priorities for a New Congress

A Bipartisan Budget Will Require Bipartisan Health Care

Resetting the 'Obamacare' baseline

The Importance of Ryan-Rivlin

Pro-Lifers and "Repeal and Replace"

The Roadmap Lives

The Implications of Last Night

ObamaCare's Day of Reckoning

Democratic Delusions

There's No Avoiding 'Repeal and Replace'

The Insurance Straw Man

The Triumph of Politics Over Health

The Anatomy of a Hostile Government Takeover

Limited Government in the 21st Century

Defining a Decade

Reductions in Medicare Advantage Payments: The Impact on Seniors by Region

The Health Law’s Massive Medicare Advantage Cuts

Debunking Medicare Myths

Think Health Reform Will Cut Costs? Think Again.

Gazing Into CBO’s Budget and Health Care Crystal Ball

A Mid-Year Update on the President’s Plan to Spend, and Then Tax, in Epic Proportions

The CLASS Act: Repeal Now, or Face Permanent Taxpayer Bailout Later

Obamacare's Political Future

The Cowardice of His Convictions

Plugging the Leaks in High-Risk Pools

How to Cover Pre-existing Conditions

About Those Presidential Promises

Obamacare Is Not Entitlement Reform

The Debt Commission, Health Care, and Obama’s Budgetary Game Plan

Obamacare: Impact on Future Generations

The More We Learn, The Worse It Gets

The Independent Payment Advisory Board and Health Care Price Controls

Can Massachusetts' Experiment Tell Us What's Next?

The Long War

The Anti-Jobs Bill

Voters Aren't Naïve

The President's Health Plan Won’t Cut the Budget Deficit

The President's Health Reform Proposal: More Like $2.5 Trillion

The Summit of Folly

A Roadmap to Better Health Care

Obama’s Very Weak Hand

The President’s Budget and Health Care Reform

After Obamacare

Perspectives on Long-Term Deficits

What the Health-Care Debate Is Really All About

The Real Budgetary Impact of the House and Senate Health Bills

An Entitlement Certain to Grow In Spite Of 'Firewalls'

A Fine Mess

Expect Senate health bill to explode federal budget

He's No Stupak

Debating Cost-Control

The President Should Be Opposing the House Bill

The Insurance Fix

The Public Option Contradiction

Using Clinical Information To Project Federal Health Care Spending

The New Middle Class Contract

Where Things Stand

Wrong Big Picture, Dangerous Fine Print

The House Bill Costs Far More Than $1 Trillion

When the Government Runs Health Insurance

The Senate Health Care Bills


Stop ObamaCare

100 Days Later

Great Society II

Placing Health-Care Options in the Hands of Private Companies

Where Is the Responsibility?

OMB in the Health-Care Driver's Seat, for Now

Ideas for the Middle Class

Removing Impediments to Long Careers

A State-Based Initiative

Healthcare with a Conscience

Respect for Life

A Solvent Medicare

The Dems' Health-Care Distortions

Obama's Glass House

Dr. Obama's Prescription

Daschle's Health-Care Plan

Realistic Options for the Uninsured

Ethical Questions in the Reform of Health and Medical Care

The Train Wreck Ahead

Obama’s Bad Prescription

A Bush Success (not that he gets credit)

It's the Economy, Stupid

1994 Redux

The Swedish Solution

The Clipboard of the Future

The Population Gap

Reforming Education

Medicare for All?

Getting Old

Trust-Fund Dysfunction

Global Aging and Innovative Public Pension Reforms

Effective Health Reform Starts With a Tax Fix

Back to Balance?

Gunnar Myrdal Was Right

What's Ailing Health Care?

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Taxing Debate

Global Aging and the Sustainability of Public Pension Systems

The Health of the States

Now They Tell Us